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“Thank you for your kindness, smile and caring spirit. I just wanted to say Family Promise is truly amazing -- the name fits perfectly. They help families in their time of need. Thank you for your quick response and the display of humanitarism.”


Family Promise was very friendly and made it so I did not feel bad for getting assistance during this rough time in our lives. With getting this assistance from Family Promise, it took a huge stressor off of me so that I could concentrate on my soon to be daughter’s mental health and schooling. I cannot express how thankful I am to this agency for their assistance through this rough time in our lives.


 I would like to take this time to thank Family Promise for helping myself and my family through a very difficult time where it seemed like all hope was lost. They in my opinion went above in helping my family not only be able to to secure what I hope will be a forever home for us. They in this uncertain time we face with the pandemic still reached out regularly and helped my family even if just to answer a question, it was comforting and reassuring knowing there are still people out there who are willing to help others who have fallen on difficult times. The services and advice they offer are beyond what I ever expected and I will forever be grateful.   

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